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Yes, you heard that right, with LuluLox you can lock anything secured or fastened by way of a nut, bolt, screw, interchange core, or anything that uses a key or tool in a rotational mechanism. With LuluLox comes a single key; unique to each user it can be used for all LuluLox based products. You name it we can protect it. No need for a wrench for your nuts and bolts. Throw away your screwdrivers and get rid of all those keys on your key chain.

All you need is LuluLox.


Featured Use Case: Bicycles

With a fully developed line of bicycle security products, true to our claim, you can use a single key for every LuluLox security lock on your bicycles for all three axle types. Your key will have a code that only you will know and no one will have your exact key. If you lose your key just simply put in your code when ordering a new key and we’ll send you an exact match.

Use Case: Interchangeable Core

ICs have been around since the 1960’s. They were quickly adopted by all major lock companies in North America thanks to ICs being a common denominator between different lock types.

LuluLox is a common denominator for anything secured by way of a multitude of things including ICs. Almost every lock in existence uses a core of some type. LuluLox can protect them all.

Use Case: Motorcycle Security

Using a LuluLox IC or LuluCore we can insert a LuluCore into the commonly known rotor lock to make RotorLox. We can also use our LuluCores to make a LuluLox version of every Motorcycle security product in existence.

With exception of additional innovations soon to be developed, the main difference is that now they will all have keys from the same source.

Use Case: Home Security

Burglary, one of the most common crimes in the world. Despite costing communities billions every year no innovation has stepped up to tackle the problem.

Locks are the most basic and important form of anti-burglary security yet the most commonly used locks, the pin & tumbler, can be defeated in a matter of seconds.

With LuluLox your locks will not be picked so easily.

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