Why Cycling is A Must for Everyone

Yesterday, I was walking along the beach in Scheveningen, Netherlands and I was thinking about the plus 200, 000 people who die each year due to obesity. Like usual, I went home, and I did some research on the issue and what I found I am still trying to figure out whether I should be shocked, appalled, or both. The average obese person incurs approximately 1.5k in medical expenses each year for obesity related issues with a national total of 147 Billion spent on added medical expenses yearly.


The thought brought me back to the days of old when one day as a middle schooler I was startled from my homework to hear my father slam the door and march upstairs to his office. Curious and worried I went upstairs to check on him. When saw him he had a long on face, I will never forget it. My Dad, a surgeon, was dismayed on having to do repeat liposuction surgeries on patients. He exclaimed that these people weren’t in need of liposuction rather a change in lifestyle.


Cycling saves lives and economies billions. A study from the journal Environmental Health Perspectives states in just the 11 largest cities in the great lakes regions if people would just commute half of their trips of five miles or less it would save 1,100 lives and 7.1 billion dollars annually. Cycling make a real impact and we exist to tackle one of the top three reasons people don’t ride, theft.